Rubber Wrist Bands

May 14, 2013
2 Comments now offers you silicone bracelets. This allows you to customize our 100% pure silicone wristbands with unprecedented flexibility. Mix and match colors, phrases and sizes, and we’ll have your silicone wristbands to you in as little as 6 days with no minimum.
As one of the first companies to offer custom silicone bracelets and wrist bands, has been an innovator in our industry since we started. The quality of our awareness wristbands is second to none, just ask any of our tens of thousands of customers or read through some of the wristband testimonials they have submitted. Also can read how many other people have used this silicone wristbands to support their causes. We’ve had many customers who have worn their wrist bands for years!
Ask anyone that’s ever ran an awareness campaign or fundraiser using wrist bands, they’ll tell you that the better the quality of the customized wristbands, the better the results.
Not only are our custom silicone wristbands, made of 100% silicone, the highest quality available. We’ll have the mold made, the silicone bracelets produced and delivered to your door in as little as six days when you order silicone wristbands from